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La Monnaie - Schubert Quartette
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Schubert Quartette

Marlis Petersen, Anke Vondung, Werner Gura & Konrad Jarnot

All four of them have highly acclaimed careers as soloists but they come together to form an exceptional quartet of singers who set out to introduce us to melodic but previously unknown works for mixed voices. In 2011 Marlis Petersen, Anke Vondung, Werner Güra and Konrad Jarnot gave a striking performance of three cycles of Schumann’s Liebeslieder at La Monnaie. They are back this season with a no less original programme: halfway between lieder and cantata, the vocal quartets composed by Schubert range from the lightest secular music (Der Tanz) to the most meditative of sacred music (Gebet). This recital has also in store for us a sublime duet of longing for love (Licht und Liebe) and a hilarious trio about marriage (Der Hochzeitsbraten) not forgetting the lieder for solo voice where each of the singers will enchant us with their particular voices. Musical rapture to look forward to...

Production La Monnaie / De Munt
Co-production Festival van Vlaanderen-Brussel / KlaraFestival
Co-presentation Bozar Music

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