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Opera workshops, opera projects, courses, guided tours, introductory talks, rehearsals and training sessions

• Opera workshops in primary and secondary schools to provide an original and active acquaintance with opera.

• Guided tours of the opera house and the La Monnaie Studios (limited numbers) offer a direct contact with the world of opera.

• Public rehearsals and performances preceded by an introductory talk at school offer a lively approach to one of the season´s productions.

• Opera projects during the school year and long-term projects such as the creation of partnerships with schools.

• Training sessions for teachers and student teachers in the form of workshops.

• Introductory talks for anyone just before each opera performance and concert.


Performances and concerts

The education department itself organises school performances closely associated with the opera workshops that take place in the schools themselves.

School-opera association

This was founded during the 1998-99 season to bring about closer relations between teachers and La Monnaie by enabling them to attend rehearsals, performances and associated events for the advancement of the cultural dynamism of the schools.

European connections

The education department is a member of Reseo, the European Network of Opera House Educational Departments, which is supported by the European Union and Fedora (the European Federation of Opera House Societies of Friends). 

Guided tours

The guided tours for groups of adults or classes of schoolchildren are conducted by specialised guides who show you something of everyday life in an opera house.
Group reservations can be made at the education department. Individuals can participate in the guided tours that take place at 12 o'clock every Saturday lunchtime, without booking. They start at the main entrance. Tickets are available in the La Monnaie bookshop from one hour before the start. 

Introducing the opera

Each opera and concert is introduced in the form of a talk or a discussion between the speaker and the general public. Each talk, which is given in both Dutch and French, focuses on a new aspect of the production. These introductions take place 30 minutes before the start of the performance.


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