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La Monnaie - Musma Concert
La Monnaie ¦ Chamber music ¦ Musma Concert ¦ Intro

Musma Concert

BL!NDMAN (drums)

Most of us associate the name BL!NDMAN with the pure and warm sound of four saxophones playing Bach, Buxtehude and Ockeghem, yet the 24-year-old Belgian ensemble mainly concerns itself with the avant-garde, forever pushing back our aural horizons and exploring new performance practices. Six years ago, the original sax quartet sprouted three younger quartets involved in percussion, strings and voice (“BL!NDMAN is more than a sound – it’s an attitude,” founder Eric Sleichim said that the time). The group was a guest of the KlaraFestival last year with Utopia::47 – A Last Passion, a jolting performance that called the modern relevance of classical music into question by pitting exquisite polyphonies by Schütz against gruelling, post-apocalyptic sounds. This new edition offers a chance to hear the collective’s four drummers in a series of yet undisclosed compositions commissioned by MusMA (Music Masters on Air), an unique European collaboration between ten festival that promotes new talent and innovative ideas in contemporary music.

Co-production La Monnaie / De Munt, Festival van Vlaanderen-Brussel / KlaraFestival

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