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La Monnaie - Divine Mysteries
La Monnaie ¦ Chamber music ¦ Divine Mysteries ¦ Intro

Divine Mysteries

Daan Vandewalle

About 20 miles west of Boston, the town of Concord, Massachusetts, had its day of glory in the mid-19th century when it became home to a handful of literary free-thinkers known as the Transcendentalists, who extolled the soul, the powers of intuition and the divinity of nature. A few decades later, the composer Charles Ives, himself from New England, dedicated his second piano sonata to the place and its illustrious occupants: Emerson, Thoreau, Amos Bronson Walcott and his daughter Louisa May, and Nathaniel Hawthorne, each of whom is the subject of a separate movement. Anticipating many 20th-century musical innovations, the Concord Sonata is a vast, sweeping piece that quotes Beethoven, Wagner as well as folk and church tunes, occasionally soaring into wild rhapsodic flights written without bar lines. Few pianists have the agility and breadth of vision to bring this formidable work alive, but one happens to be Daan Vandewalle, a Flemish specialist of contemporary American music who recorded it in 1996. Hear him at work and listen out for what Ives described as “the Soul of humanity knocking at the door of the Divine mysteries.”

Co-production La Monnaie / De Munt, Festival van Vlaanderen-Brussel / KlaraFestival

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