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La Monnaie - Michel Houellebecq
La Monnaie ¦ MM Extra ¦ Michel Houellebecq ¦ Intro

Michel Houellebecq

Special event

The evening with Michel Houellebecq planned by La Monnaie two years ago was cancelled at the last minute. The French writer assured us that he would do his best to fulfil his commitment towards his Brussels readers. This October, he will be on stage at La Monnaie for a unique discussion with Flemish author Stefan Hertmans, during which he will speak about his experience as a novelist and poet. Elegant and Baudelairean, adulated by some, detested by others, translated and read throughout the world, Michel Houellebecq (1958) is an insightful analyst of the modern world, both lyrical and disenchanted. Extension du domaine de la lutte, La Carte et le Territoire, his latest book, as well as Les Particules élémentaires and Plateforme: each new work by the author is an international event.

Production Passa Porta, International House of Literature, La Monnaie / De Munt
Philippe Matsas © Flammarion