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La Monnaie - Guided tour
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Guided tour

every Saturday

Weekend Brussels? Interested in opera and/or cultural heritage?

Every Saturday at 12 noon you can join a tour of la Monnaie. A guide will take you along the entrance hall, the stairs of honour, the Grand Foyer, the Main Auditorium, the Royal Box and the Royal Salon. The history and architecture of this opera house are well narrated as well as the secrets of the creation of an opera. Furthermore you will have the exceptional opportunity to take a look into some workshops (costume workshop, assembly room) and discover the incredible diversity of all crafts involved. Included is also a visit to our museum space, where a unique model of an Italian style baroque theatre can be discovered.

Going behind the scenes of la Monnaie offers a fascinating insight into the reality of a modern opera house and can also be a fine introduction to the exciting world of opera.

Attention! The route of the tour can change slightly on some days because of the rehearsal schedule. For security reasons a visit to the stage and the backstage is not a part of this tour. Thank you for your understanding.

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© Sébastien Forthomme

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