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La Monnaie - Museum Night Fever
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Museum Night Fever

This is not a museum

Everybody knows that La Monnaie is not a museum. During Museum Night Fever, La Monnaie will be transformed into a multi-sensory laboratory and will hold a revolutionary forum bringing together the public, art and artists. Touch the artworks – touch the artists: everything goes!
In 1830, the performance of Auber’s first grand opera, La Muette de Portici, at La Monnaie led to the start of the Belgian Revolution. 184 years later, La Monnaie is calling you to a new revolution – this time individual – against prejudice and restrictions in opera and society.
Come to La Monnaie and call out ‘NO!’ in every language and in every way. Opera voices will be accompanied by a solid bass line and costumes and evening gowns are banned. Be casual and make some noise! For some happy participants, the occupation will last all night long: they will have the chance to spend the night at La Monnaie.
Rebel with us!


With its neighbour Muntpunt, La Monnaie is organising the very first sleepover in history at MNF, for young people aged 18 to 35. Go on a nocturnal guided tour backstage at La Monnaie, fall asleep to the live music of Peter Broderick and Greg Haines (Slaapwel Records showcase), be woken up by soprano Aphrodite Patoulidou and have breakfast in the Muntpunt Literary Salon in the morning. Visit the Facebook pages of La Monnaie and Brussels Museums for more information on your chance to enjoy this exclusive event!

Keep your MNF bracelet, as it will allow you to go on a FREE guided tour of La Monnaie on Saturday at midday. Valid until the end of March 2014!

Mercury (Socks), 2009 by Elmgreen & Dragset. Photo / Foto © Anders Sune Berg, Courtesy Gallery Nicolai Wallner

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