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La Monnaie - Asaf Avidan
La Monnaie ¦ MM Extra ¦ Asaf Avidan ¦ Intro

Asaf Avidan

Back to Basics

After a long and very successful year of touring with the "Different Pulses Tour", Asaf Avidan has announced that this year he is going BACK TO BASICS.

After headlining huge venues and festivals, and playing in front of tens of thousands of people, Avidan wants a little change. Going back to smaller, seated venues, in an intimate, acoustic setting, Asaf plans to go back to what he calls "the heart of the songs", and bring, what is promised to be a heart piercing, honest presentation of his selected works.

Asaf will play a varied arrangement of instruments including guitar, piano, harmonica, and percussion, to bring a wide spectrum of emotions and landscapes, but always leaving room for his unique voice, and his capturing lyrics.

"There is a lot of "cool" musicians out there... a lot of nice productions, and good vibes... but we should not forget the basic foundations of good songwriting and an honest approach for singing...

It's always a good test for me to step away from the big production for a bit, and to remind myself and my audience what we're all in this together for." 2014 Back To Basics Tour - will take Avidan, and his songs all across the globe, and will be another example of why this is one of the most interesting and sincere artists of our time.

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