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La Monnaie - Gerard Mortier
La Monnaie ¦ MM Extra ¦ Gerard Mortier ¦ Intro

Gerard Mortier

An homage

On 9 March died Gerard Mortier former general director at La Monnaie.

For ten long years, from 1981 to 1991, Gerard Mortier put his stamp in no uncertain manner on the organization and the artistic policy of our opera house. During that time he brought a level of quality and creativity to La Monnaie that it never attained before his tenure, showing the world, from his base in Brussels, how a dynamic opera house with a vision could be both trendsetting and high-profile in Europe in spite of being limited in resources.

He was one of the most remarkable figures in the opera world and played a vital role in determining the appearance of the cultural world in our country and further afield. His outspoken artistic-intellectual and independent spirit always made well-defined choices which were time and again clear and often controversial. Gerard Mortier's artistic legacy can hardly be overrated and his visionary ideas on opera will continue to offer a source of inspiration.

On Tuesday 27 May, La Monnaie, in collaboration with national and international cultural organisations, will pay homage to its former director during an evening with La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra and the combined Choruses of La Monnaie and de Vlaamse Opera.

© Oliver Herrmann