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La Monnaie - Songs not Bombs
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Songs not Bombs

During the gala concert of 13 October we aim the spots on hidden talent!

Songs Not Bombs is a reflection on peace. Which is the nature of the anti war songs nowadays? How to sing relevantly about such a theme? La Monnaie invited everybody – young and old, amateur or professional musician – to compose an original protestsong.

Are you curious to see the winners? Come to the gala concert at 13 October and enjoy a concert of An Pierlé and Marie Daulne!


The following candidates have been chosen to attend the masterclass with An Pierlé and Marie Daulne:

  • Artist name : Natalia Copeland & Jelle Van Sieleghem
    Song : Autumn Wind
  • Artist name : Iza
    Members : Annelies Tanghe
    Song : War Child
  • Artist name : Manuel Bleton
    Song : A nos enfants
  • Artist name : RUNtoSEED
    Members : Antoine Guenet & Susan Clynes
    Song : Satyagraha
  • Artist name : Ernst
    Members : Lieven Lamote
    Song : Remember
  • Artist name : Maartje Teussink
    Song: I heared
  • Artist name : William Souffreau
    Song : I Hate War

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