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La Monnaie - Productions for sale or for hire

Productions for sale or for hire

Considered as one of the most innovative opera houses in Europe, La Monnaie has an exceptional opera repertoire, with productions created by today’s biggest artists: stage directors (Christof Loy, David McVicar, Vincent Boussard, etc.), set designers (Herbert Murauer, John Macfarlane, Vincent Lemaire, etc.), costume designers (Christian Lacroix, Cathy Pill, Nicky Gillibrand, etc.) and lighting designers (Reinhard Traub, Alain Poisson, Paule Constable, etc.). This repertoire is exported throughout Europe, the United States, Japan, Australia and South Africa.

>> Here your can discover videos, images and information (biographies and technical descriptions) on the best productions available for hire or for sale.