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La Monnaie - VIP events and guided tours

VIP events and guided tours

The opera provides you with a chance to benefit from its knowledge of artistic creation as well as its relations with renowned artists, for the organisation of personalised artistic events. A tour of the opera and its workshops takes you to the heart of the most beautiful opera performances.

VIP event

Guided tours and receptions may accompany recitals, chamber music concerts and artistic events, and may be organised in the different rooms at La Monnaie.

Visit the theatre and its workshops

A tour of La Monnaie allows you to discover rich cultural heritage – both historical and contemporary – as well as architectural and artistic works, costumes, scenery, crafts and 'Les Machines du Rêve', a fabulous baroque opera model designed and built by Michel Dumont and Thierry Bosquet.

Theme-based tours provide you with a special view of the opera:

  • The creation of an opera today
    How does an opera come to light? What is a theatre di staggione? How does the collaboration between stage director, scenographer and costume designer unfold? When do rehearsals begin?
  • DScenery and costumes
    Discover centuries-old crafts: stagehands and technicians as well as shoemakers, hatters, ornamental blacksmiths, etc. The opera provides you with a chance to discover these ancestral crafts in a modern setting with professionals from each field.

Each tour is organised according to the companies' wishes, and takes into account the theatre's restrictions.