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La Monnaie - MMCorporate Club

MMCorporate Club

The MM Corporate Club at La Monnaie provides you with the chance to offer a prestigious moment to your business relations which they will remember for a long time, by associating your company's image with a place of culture and creation recognised the world over, and a chance to widen your societal dimension.

By gathering the managers of partner companies and patrons of La Monnaie, the mission of the MM Corporate Club is to encourage business exchanges and relations through culture whilst promoting creation and the dissemination of the arts. The Development department at La Monnaie provides current and future partners of the MM Corporate Club with a series of formulas intended to meet their specific desires.

Beyong its cultural and heritage-related interest, going to La Monnaie is also a societal committment. For several years, La Monnaie has been committed to different educational and community programmes. In 2007, more than de 6,000 young people and 5,000 underpriviliged people were able to benefit from free or discount tickets.

Clio Rosenoer
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