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La Monnaie - Prestigious evenings

Prestigious evenings

In order to allow you to develop a long-term communication strategy, La Monnaie proposes the reservation of private boxes with a Premium service. Located on the first balcony, these boxes – 7 boxes of 4 seats and 2 boxes of 8 seats – provide perfect visibility. A plaque bearing the name of your company is placed at the entrance of each box. These boxes are available for 100%, 50% or 20% of the season's performances.

Advantages with the reservation of a box

  • Access to all of the season's performances at La Monnaie (apart from galas and private events), i.e. : more than 100 performances per year
  • Access to La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra concerts at the Brussels Centre for Fine Arts
  • Access to all performances organised by La Monnaie in other venues in Brussels: Kaaitheater, Halles de Schaerbeek, Cirque Royal, etc
  • The possibility to organise receptions in the different rooms at La Monnaie as well as guided tours

Privileged services

  • Invitation cards with the company logo, printed in three languages by La Monnaie. These cards are used as access cards
  • Programmes sent (1 for 2 people) to the organising company
  • Personalised reception and cloakroom
  • Exclusive access to the Salon Royal during the interlude
  • parking (1 per car)
  • One MM Magazine per invitation available at the theatre
  • Invitation to the annual event for the presentation of the new season to companies
  • A CD or DVD offered following the performance (supplement)
  • Free MM Corporate Club membership

Exclusive : sponsoring a 'premiere'

Each 'premiere' is sponsored by a company benefiting from a box. In addition to the advantages and services associated with the reservation of a box, this sponsorship allows companies to receive a certain number of free seats and to associate their name and logo with the different communication material for the opera: poster, annual brochure, production programme, website, etc.