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MM Channel

Our opera's are freely available on our website, for three weeks starting oon the day after the last performance in the theatre.

These free online streamings are realized thanks to the generous support of the sponsors of MM Channel :

  • M. et Mme Frank Carbonez
  • Mme Patrick Chiche
  • Mme Gisèle Croës
  • M. et Mme Pieter Dreesmann
  • M. François Gérard
  • M. et Mme Daniel Lebard
  • M. et Mme Laurent Legein
  • M. et Mme Alain Mallart
  • Mme Jessica Parser
  • M. et Mme Hans C. Schwab
  • M. et Mme Gilles Silberman
  • M. et Mme Christian Velten-Jameson
  • M. et Mme Bernard Vergnes
  • Mme Thésy Viret
  • and other anonymous MM Maecenas