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La Monnaie - At the heart of opera

At the heart of opera

Between 30 and 40? Looking for an original way to enrich your social life and add to your cultural baggage in the fields of music and opera?

Become a member of MM Young for only €50/70 a year and take advantage of the many discounts and benefits it offers. For example, you get free access to the pre-general rehearsals and activities associated with the opera productions. Grab your chance to meet the staff of La Monnaie, go on a guided tour of the set and costume workshops, visit opera houses abroad, and attend receptions with the cast and crew.

In addition, we organize for the MM Young three times a year a meeting with a highprofile manager. And that’s just a glimpse of the MM Young range! More than enough reasons for you to step into the heart of the opera world.


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