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La Monnaie - Drumming
La Monnaie ¦ Dance ¦ Drumming ¦ Intro


Drumming was created in August 1988 to a composition of Steve Reich. The compelling rhythmicality of the music propels the thirteen dancers from Rosas into a choreography that appears complex and at the same time insidiously simple. Just like the music, the dance proceeds from a single motion phrase, explored exhaustively and unremittingly for an hour through endless combinations, variations and transformations, by reversing it, speeding it up and slowing it down. The Ictus ensemble and its impressive group of percussionists led by Georges-Elie Octors, have penetrated the secrets of this music throughout their collaborations with Steve Reich. Drumming marks their return to La Monnaie with the Rosas dancers.

Co-production Rosas
Co-presentation La Monnaie / De Munt, Rosas, Kaaitheater
Drumming © Herman Sorgeloos