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MMM 26

Mo  1  September 2014

Car Free Sunday in Brussels

Mo  1  September 2014

On Sunday 21 September 2014 it will also be a Car Free Sunday in the whole Region of Brussels.

No cars will be permitted to drive in the entire Brussels-Capital Region on that Sunday from 9 am till 7 pm.

Verklärte Nacht - Rosas

Th  28  August 2014

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker revisits Schoenberg's Verklärte Nacht.

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Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night) is based on Schoenberg’s late romantic music for strings and a poem by Richard Dehmel about a woman who, one moonlit night, confesses in a wood to the man she loves that she is pregnant with the child of another man. The poem’s scene resonates in the music’s persistent strings, at times heavily loaded with passion, at times subtle as a timid voice, seemingly in unison with its protagonists ordeal.

The original choreography as a group piece was created in 1995 as a part of an Arnold Schoenberg evening at La Monnaie. By rewriting the group piece as a duet, both the narrative and the musical aspect come to the foreground. Expressive crescendos and diminuendos guide us through dramatic events, echoing an ever-modulating stream of emotions. A shameless romantic love story, in the pale light of a transfigured night.

>> From 5 to 11 September 2014 in Rosas Performance Space.


La Monnaie - Verklärte Nacht - Rosas

La Monnaie is looking for extra's...

Th  21  August 2014

for our production of Don Giovanni.

Homage Gerard Mortier

Fr  11  July 2014

On 27 May, La Monnaie organized an evening in homage to Gerard Mortier, its former general director who died last March.
Watch the recording of that intime evening.

La Monnaie - Homage Gerard Mortier

Auditions for La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra

Fr  11  July 2014

La Monnaie is organizing an audition to recruit 1 co-leader violoncello.

La Monnaie - Auditions for La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra