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La Monnaie - La Traviata
La Monnaie ¦ Opera ¦ La Traviata ¦ Intro

La Traviata

Giuseppe Verdi

What better to represent desire, fragility and secrecy, the three themes around which the season’s artistic project is constructed, than the tragic story of Violetta and Alfredo? If one of Verdi’s most beautiful heroines, based on Alexandre Dumas’s character Marguerite Gautier, finally dies of tuberculosis, other forces militate against her passionate love for a young man from whom she hides her illness until the end: prejudice, morality and conventions. The Lady of the Camellias should not only be seen as a highclass prostitute. Her reputation is as dangerous as the syphilis that worries the bourgeoisie that frequent the brothels. Following Kát’a Kabanová, Andrea Breth brings us her vision of the heartbreaking journey towards death of a woman who, with her last breath, still wants to believe in the miracle of human passion.

>> La Traviata and artistic freedom
Our production La Traviata has spawned an enormous amount of reaction and much has been written as to what is permissible on stage. We wish to clarify the context and explain our position.

>> The live transmission on Arte Live Web of our Traviata, filmed during the performance of 15 December, is available from 22 December on the website of Arte Live Web.
The final version will be available on our website from 5 January. This version will also benefit from the French and Dutch subtitles.

New production
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