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La Monnaie - Die Fledermaus (in concert)
La Monnaie ¦ Opera ¦ Die Fledermaus (in concert) ¦ Intro

Die Fledermaus (in concert)

Johann Strauss II

Die Fledermaus is without doubt Johann Strauss’ masterpiece and the quintessential Viennese operetta. In 1874, in the midst of economic and social disaster, Strauss composed this work full of jubilation and vitality, containing some of the repertoire’s most famous arias and waltzes. The characters are at a masked ball in Vienna and each of them, in disguise, seeks the exhilaration and exaltation of love and seduction. After several cases of mistaken identity and trickery, ‘King Champagne’ is blamed by everyone as the reason behind all the pranks. The work, adapted from the French version Le Réveillon, is traditionally performed in Vienna each year on New Year’s Eve. Ádám Fischer brings us a Brussels’ version.

Opera in concert
Production La Monnaie / De Munt
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