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La Monnaie - Les Aveugles
La Monnaie ¦ Opera ¦ Les Aveugles ¦ Intro

Les Aveugles

Daan Janssens

This strange theatrical jewel – Les Aveugles – is perhaps the most abstract and least symbolic text by Maurice Maeterlinck. It takes us into the verbal groping of twelve blind people lost in the middle of a forest, where the sounds of nature herald death and bring the drama to its climax, with no way out. The young composer from Ghent, Daan Janssens, and Liege artist Patrick Corillon – also a man of the theatre – bring us a musical theatre adaptation of this philosophical parable. They propose a radical rereading in which man – who is blinded by catastrophes – is called back to the lightness of existence which is the unceasing flow of life and death. While the music and sung text evoke tragic tension in a slow crescendo, the staging opts for a limpid representation, lighting up those who are blind with playful poetry in a world that no longer sees.

Music theatre
Production LOD muziektheater (Gent)
Co-production le manege.mons, Centre Dramatique, Musiques Nouvelles, CECN, Technocité, VocaalLAB, Théâtre de la Place (Liège)
In collaboration with Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, le CORRIDOR, Hogeschool Gent Conservatorium
With the support of enoa (European Network of Opera Academies)
© Kurt Van der Elst