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On Sunday 21 September 2014 it will also be a Car Free Sunday in the whole Region of Brussels.

No cars will be permitted to drive in the entire Brussels-Capital Region on that Sunday from 9 am till 7 pm.

]]> 2014-09-01 http://www.lamonnaie.be/en/news/35/Car-Free-Sunday-in-Brussels <![CDATA[Verklärte Nacht - Rosas]]>

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker revisits Schoenberg's Verklärte Nacht.

Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night) is based on Schoenberg’s late romantic music for strings and a poem by Richard Dehmel about a woman who, one moonlit night, confesses in a wood to the man she loves that she is pregnant with the child of another man. The poem’s scene resonates...

]]> 2014-08-28 http://www.lamonnaie.be/en/news/87/Verklarte-Nacht---Rosas <![CDATA[La Monnaie is looking for extra's...]]>

for our production of Don Giovanni.

]]> 2014-08-21 http://www.lamonnaie.be/en/news/16/La-Monnaie-is-looking-for-extra-s <![CDATA[Online ticket sales interrupted]]>

Due to maintenance, the oniine ticket sale on this website will be closed between Monday 21 July and Wednesday 23 July included.

Please note that the MM Box Office is closed from 12 July until 11 August 2014 included.

]]> 2014-07-21 http://www.lamonnaie.be/en/news/15/Online-ticket-sales-interrupted <![CDATA[Homage Gerard Mortier]]>

On 27 May, La Monnaie organized an evening in homage to Gerard Mortier, its former general director who died last March.
Watch the recording of that intime evening.

]]> 2014-07-11 http://www.lamonnaie.be/en/news/86/Homage-Gerard-Mortier <![CDATA[Auditions for La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra]]>

La Monnaie is organizing an audition to recruit 1 co-leader violoncello.

]]> 2014-07-11 http://www.lamonnaie.be/en/news/19/Auditions-for-La-Monnaie-Symphony-Orchestra <![CDATA[Start ticketsale for September 2014]]>

From Saturday 28 June 2014 you can purchase your tickets for the productions of September 2014.

>> buy your tickets here

]]> 2014-06-28 http://www.lamonnaie.be/en/news/37/Start-ticketsale-for-September-2014 <![CDATA[Streaming Orfeo]]>

La Monnaie lets you discover all of its opera productions for free on the internet. For up to three weeks following the last performance of a show, you can watch or watch again our operas for free on this website.
These broadcasts are made possible thanks to the generous support of

]]> 2014-06-23 http://www.lamonnaie.be/en/news/38/Streaming-Orfeo <![CDATA[Download our Facebook-banner]]>

A real opera-aficionado ? Shout it from the rooftops by downloading your favorite image and putting it on your Facebookpage.

]]> 2014-05-28 http://www.lamonnaie.be/en/news/85/Download-our-Facebook-banner <![CDATA[Early Bird campaign 2014-2015]]>

Quite exceptionally, the best seats for the performances Shell Shock (Nicholas Lens & Nick Cave), Medúlla (Björk) and Creation 2015 (Anne Teresa De Keersmaker / Brian Eno) will be on sale from Saturday 12 April to Saturday 26 April before tickets officially go on sale! So, don’t delay, this special offer only lasts two weeks and seats are limited.

]]> 2014-04-11 http://www.lamonnaie.be/en/news/67/Early-Bird-campaign-2014-2015 <![CDATA[La Monnaie Children's Chorus is recruiting young voices]]>

La Monnaie Children’s Chorus is looking for:

  • Boys and girls aged 7 to 10 for the Preparatory Chorus
  • Boys and girls aged 10 to 13 for the Choir School
  • Young girls aged 13 to 18 for La Choraline

This year auditions are organised on 18, 21, 25 & 28 June 2014.

]]> 2014-04-10 http://www.lamonnaie.be/en/news/23/La-Monnaie-Children-s-Chorus-is-recruiting-young-voices <![CDATA[2014-2015 season on line]]>

All human life is here. Seductive and perplexing, but always captivating. The 2014-2015 season at La Monnaie is founded on the conviction that sin can be considered an overdose of virtue. Wrath, gluttony, greed, envy, lust, sloth, pride.

Make La Monnaie your eighth deadly sin !

]]> 2014-03-20 http://www.lamonnaie.be/en/news/81/2014-2015-season-on-line <![CDATA[Concertini of 21 March 2014: programme change]]>

Due to reasons of ill health, the program of the Concertino of 21 March is been cancelled.
Nana Kawamura, Tony Nys, Michael Kaufman and Daniel Blumenthal will propose an alternative programme with Johannes Brahms' first Piano quartet.

]]> 2014-03-14 http://www.lamonnaie.be/en/news/80/Concertini-of-21-March-2014-programme-change <![CDATA[MMBoxOffice - summer recess]]>

La Monnaie Box Office is closed during the summer months and this from 14 July to 12 August 2013.

]]> 2013-07-08 http://www.lamonnaie.be/en/news/28/MMBoxOffice---summer-recess <![CDATA[A look behind the scenes of auditions]]>

Auditions are a chance for young singers chasing a specific role to demonstrate their talent. Curious for their lives, Cobra.be decided to take a look behind the scenes.

]]> 2012-11-19 http://www.lamonnaie.be/en/news/14/A-look-behind-the-scenes-of-auditions <![CDATA[Special costume sale]]>

On Saturday 17 December 2011, La Monnaie is organising a special sale of costumes from past productions. More than 3000 costumes from 10 different productions will be sold – prices between €1 and €100 – beginning at 1pm. The most precious costumes will be auctioned at 3pm.

This sale will take place in the Ateliers (23 rue Léopold - 1000 Brussels)

Viewing  ahead of the sale from Friday 9 December (6pm) to Friday 16 December (4pm) in the Alechinsky Hall (only of the costumes that go up for auction).

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