La Monnaie has taken note of the measures that the federal government is imposing on indoor activities. We are currently investigating the concrete consequences for all the performances affected. All ticket holders will be informed in the course of this week.


The federal opera house in the capital of Europe


Discover 'Résonances' / 'Weerklanken', our new series of podcasts

© Pieter Claes

On February 4th La Monnaie is launching a new series of podcasts called Résonances (in French) / Weerklanken (in Dutch). Fascinating audio stories that introduce and provide a framework for our productions and make interesting listening even without a ticket for a performance.     

In this new podcast series, La Monnaie goes in search of the stories of its operas in the world around us. Each episode consists of an in-depth interview recorded in a noteworthy location in Brussels. And of course – how could it be otherwise? –  time is also allowed for music.   

The first episode explores Mozart’s Der Schauspieldirektor. A double conversation with two theatre directors from an empty KVS about the malaise of Corona, the need for an audience and what a good ‘Schauspieldirektor’ should do.

The first episode of Résonances / Weerklanken is now available on MMM Online and of course also on your favourite podcast app. Subscribe to our channel now and you won’t miss a single episode:

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Résonances - autour de 'Der Schauspieldirektor' by La Monnaie De Munt
Weerklanken - rond 'Der Schauspieldirektor' by La Monnaie De Munt

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