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The federal opera house in the capital of Europe

La Monnaie / De Munt

La Monnaie, Bozar and the NOB

Orchestre de la Monnaie
© M. Nazarian

On 10 September 2016, the National Orchestra of Belgium, La Monnaie and BOZAR are joining forces to open their season with a musical journey through the very heart of Brussels

In September 2016, an unusual musical project takes place in Brussels; it was initiated by La Monnaie, Bozar Music, and the NOB and is under the patronage of the European Union. Together, the National Orchestra of Belgium and the La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra and Choirs add up to a group of 250 outstanding professional musicians. Come and see what they can achieve artistically outside of their usual institutional frameworks and away from their usual repertoire, during free open-air concerts in the City of Brussels.