MM Tickets will be closed from Monday 5 July up to and including Monday 17 August and is open again as of Tuesday 18 August. 


The federal opera house in the capital of Europe


© Anne Waerenburgh

Brussels museums nocturnes


During the Brussels Museums Nocturnes, 73 different Brussels organisations invite visitors for a nocturnal event each Thursday evening between 13 September and 6 December 2018. New exhibitions, workshops, music, guided tours and so much more to be discovered at a very reasonable price.

La Monnaie participates and welcomes you on Thursday 18 October for an extraordinary visit of the Theatre and its Workshops. Each 15 minutes, another guided tour starts at the Alechinsky Foyer (Rue Léopold 23), alternately in Dutch, in French and/or in English. Tickets can be bought on the spot. 

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