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A bridge between two worlds

The social programme ‘A bridge between two worlds’ is addressed to those who are burdened socially, economically or medically. Its aim is to (re)create social ties and to provide everyone with access to culture, music and opera. Activities adapted to the sociocultural contexts of the target groups are organised throughout the season.

  • Weekly choral singing workshops in institutions and at La Monnaie
  • Weekly choral singing workshops and workshops in prisons (youth and adults)
  • Guided tours of La Monnaie
  • Awarness of the world of music, song and opera
  • Access to performances
  • Chamber music concerts at partner institutions

More than 90% of A brigde between two worlds' recources are provided by external funds, both public and private. Its activities are free. A bridge between two worlds does not ask its members or audience for financial contributions. Without the help and generous support of public and private partners, this social programme would not be able to pursue its activities.

MM Maecenas

M. et Mme Patrick Baillieux, M. et Mme Xavier Bedoret, Les enfants de Mme Véronique Lhoist, M. et Mme Michel Peterbroeck, Dhr. en Mevr. Leo en Diana Van Tuyckom-Taets, M. Philémon Wachtelaer, Dhr. Hans Vossen, Dhr. Robert Zürcher & MM Patrons

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