La Monnaie has taken note of the measures that the federal government is imposing on indoor activities. We are currently investigating the concrete consequences for all the performances affected. All ticket holders will be informed in the course of this week.


The federal opera house in the capital of Europe


© Lien De Trogh / KVS

Partner Projects

Troika, the partnership between the three main Brussels institutions, takes on different forms. With the Partner Projects, we bring together music theatre, theatre and youth projects produced jointly by at least two of the three institutions.

La Mémoire des Arbres
In the heart of an unidentified place, thousands of constraint and forced people hold a vast secret. And those who show treason pay for it with their lives. Others, manipulated, have the intimate conviction of protecting the country by condoning lies. Together, they preserve a large state-owned industry and an incredible environmental disaster. This secret city is part of our world and its drifts.
12.9 > 22.9.2019 | Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

Le Silence des Ombres
‘We don’t know exactly what the soul thought it saw...’, says Ygraine in the Trois petits drames pour marionnettes. This triptych by the Belgian Nobel laureate Maurice Maeterlinck forms the libretto for a new opera, commissioned by La Monnaie. Under the title Le Silence des ombres, the young composer-conductor Benjamin Attahir and director Olivier Lexa opt decidedly for silence, the invisible, the unsayable, and restrained dramatic tension. ‘The tragedy should unfold in each spectator’s dream...’.
25.9 > 6.10.2019 | La Monnaie at KVS

De Blinden / Les Aveugles
A group of blind people lives on an island, in a forest, in autumn ... they hear the sea,  the falling leaves. They wait for their guide, their leader, their priest ... he who can see. Over a century ago, Maurice Maeterlinck wrote Les Aveugles. Josse De Pauw adapted the text for his performance De Blinden, the third part of his Trilogy/Triphony after De Helden and De Mensheid
12.11 > 16.11.2019 | Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

L’Homme de la Mancha
Fifty years after Jacques Brel created L’Homme de La Mancha and forty years after his death, KVS and la Monnaie bring an ode to one of Belgium’s greatest stars. With a super-diverse cast, the two theatres bring a contemporary version of this spectacular ‘musical’, based on one of the most famous stories in western literature: Don Quixote.
4.12 > 10.12.2019 | KVS

Da Ponte Trilogie – Così, Le Nozze & Don Juan
Accompanied by pianist Wouter Deltour, director Tom Goossens presents an adaptation of the three Mozart-Da Ponte opera’s. Inventive props, captivating performances, and impressive singing make Don Juan, Così, and Le Nozze a fresh introduction to opera for a new and young audience.

  • Così
    Deschonecompanie & Muziektheater Transparant Translab
    21.1.2020 | KVS
  • Le Nozze
    Deschonecompanie & Muziektheater Transparant Translab
    3.3 > 4.3.2020 | Salle malibran (Ateliers de la Monnaie)
  • Don Juan
    Deschonecompanie & Comp. Marius
    15.01.2020 | Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

The stock exchange is brutally disrupted when a new player storms onto the market: smart, ruthless and… barely eleven years old. JR, based on the novel by William Gaddis, is a grandiose multimedia production about people who are too fragile for the environment they find themselves in. 
18.3 > 22.3.2020 | KVS at Palais 12 (Heysel)

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