La Monnaie has taken note of the measures that the federal government is imposing on indoor activities. We are currently investigating the concrete consequences for all the performances affected. All ticket holders will be informed in the course of this week.


The federal opera house in the capital of Europe


Bequests and wills

As a source of inspiration, consolation or delight, opera has already left its mark on numerous people. With a will, a bequest, or a dual bequest, you can contribute to ensuring La Monnaie and the unique experiences it provides for future generations.

La Monnaie is one of the ‘Good Causes’ officially recognised by the Belgian state and has special status in relation to death duties. This means that, a very small percentage aside, your bequest will go entirely to our theatre. Furthermore, donations that are divided between your inheritors and La Monnaie will be exempt from death duties owed by your inheritors.


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