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The federal opera house in the capital of Europe


Rolex and the arts

Rolex’s commitment to the arts and music stretches back decades, mirroring the mission of founder Hans Wilsdorf to foster excellence in all endeavours. For those who have carried on this legacy, creating partnerships in the arts has not only provided an avenue to support those who mirror the company’s passion for perfection and precision, it has allowed Rolex to pursue another interest: assisting in the transmission of knowledge from one generation to the next. Through its enduring partnerships with different generations of the world’s top artists, Rolex has encouraged and recognized those who always reach further to attain the highest level of performance. In addition to championing individual talent, the company has developed long-term associations with the world’s most prestigious events, institutions and orchestras in the musical arts, perpetuating artistic heritage and making a lasting contribution to culture worldwide. 

  • Official watch of La Monnaie

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