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We would like to rectify Peter de Caluwe's claim about French baritone Ludovic Tézier. In a radio interview with Musiq'3 last August (Demandez le programme with Camille De Rijck), Peter de Caluwe mistakingly claimed that this respected artist would gain similar top fees as his colleague Jonas Kaufmann, with whom he regularly performs. While Jonas Kaufmann regularly earns six-digit amounts, Ludovic Tézier's fees are not even one-fifth of this amount. Even if he regularly performs together with Kaufmann and is artistically absolutely in the same league, his income is not at all comparable to that of his tenor colleague. Peter de Caluwe wishes to apologise for the fact that he assimilated Ludovic Tézier to this exorbitant 'star system' fee level. We sincerely hope that this clarification and contextualisation of Peter de Caluwe's position clarifies that he in no way intended to offend or stigmatise this fantastic artist. Furthermore, we would love to see Ludovic Tézier return to La Monnaie - where he last sang a fabulous Werther in the rarely performed baritone version in December 2007. 

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