La Monnaie has taken note of the measures that the federal government is imposing on indoor activities. We are currently investigating the concrete consequences for all the performances affected. All ticket holders will be informed in the course of this week.


The federal opera house in the capital of Europe


© Linde Raedschelders

Artistic planning & production

Bettina Giese

Artistic Administration Manager
Anja Luypaert

Artistic Administration Assistant

Artistic Planning Manager
Jacques Peeters

Artistic Production Managers
Aurore Aubouin, Anneleen Jacobs, Eleonora Loontjens

Artistic Production Manager Young Singers & Community Projects
Guillaume L’Hôpital

Artistic Production Assistant
Jonathan Adam

Head of Extras
Willem DeCoster

Assistant for Artistic Planning & Production
Lola De Laender

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