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La Monnaie / De Munt


Richard Strauss
Production from 2016
Co-production La Monnaie / De Munt, Opéra de Lyon

Stage director
David Marton

Set design and costumes
Christian Friedländer 

Music director
Lothar Koenigs

Production information


The silence of the unspoken, the unheard

David Marton (director) & Barbara Engelhardt (dramaturge)

This is a work that transposes the observation of society to the theatre and focuses on the artistic world. An opera that, alongside the sorrows of love on the surface, is above all a passionate exploration of assumptions and theories. One in which the old and the new meet in different generations and social strata. In which art has to respond to power and to instructions, whether at the court of a rich, art-loving countess or in circumstances such as those of Strauss’s own time, when culture was conceived of in terms of propaganda.

One of the themes that confront us in Capriccio is the vacuum within which attention is focused inwards on a theatrical microcosm that seems to have lost its bearings in relation to the outside world. Strauss consistently subjects the cast of his opera to mirror images in a drama within the drama, an opera within the opera within the opera… His characters remain concerned about themselves and the question of representation, even when they have pledged their love or when they are struggling with decisions in relation to art and life. The stage set, in which salon and theatre merge into one place, maintains the focus on the shimmering bubbles of the theatrical world, which appear to be shielded from reality by blinkers. The little group creates for itself a false life within real life – within that real life in which so much is going barbarically wrong that it absolutely cries out for a stand to be taken.


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