MM Tickets will be closed from Monday 5 July up to and including Monday 17 August and is open again as of Tuesday 18 August. 


The federal opera house in the capital of Europe


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A few key points


The doors open 45 minutes before the performance is due to begin and close 5 minutes before it begins.


Spectators are requested to sit in the seats indicated on their tickets. No seat changes are allowed, unless permission is given by the auditorium staff or the management.


Performances begin exactly on time. Out of respect for the other members of the audience and for the artists, nobody is allowed to enter the auditorium once the doors have been closed (5 minutes before the beginning of the performance). Latecomers can follow the performance on a screen in the entrance hall until the first interval – or until the end of the performance, if there is no interval. No tickets can be exchanged or reimbursed in either case. La Monnaie cannot be held responsible in the event of strikes by third parties, major traffic delays, or delays caused by other circumstances beyond our control.

Mobile (cell) phones and recording

We request that you turn off your mobile (cell) phone, smartphone, and any other mobile devices during the performance. We would remind you that it is not permitted to take photographs or to make recordings of the performance.

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