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La Monnaie / De Munt

Our services

The use of the cloakroom is free.

Bar & foyer
Drinks and snacks are served both in our Foyer during the intervals, and at the Bar, open before the performance, during the intervals and until one hour after the curtain call.

Unless otherwise stated, all venues are easily accessible to wheelchair-users.

Each opera, dance performance and concert is introduced in the form of a talk or a discussion between the speaker and the general public. Each talk, which is given in both Dutch and French, focuses on a new aspect of the production. These introductions take place 30 minutes before the start of the performance.

Programmes (10 €)
An opera programme not only expresses the atmosphere and the underlying idea of a production, but also contains a supplement with performers and bibliographies, which can be purchased separately. The programmes are on sale both in the MMshop and at special stands (situated on the landing between the ground floor and the first floor). A brief summary of the content of the production and a list of roles and performers is available free for every opera performance. Opera season ticket holders can have the opera programmes posted to them. Programmes of dance performances, recitals and concerts are also available.

La Monnaie usually provides surtitling in both Dutch and French, in the form of an abridged translation of the texts being sung or spoken. The location of the surtitling depends on the scenery used in the production, but the idea is always that as large a part of the audience as possible is able to view the surtitling in the language of its choice. However, in view of the architecture of the theatre, there are a number of seats from where it cannot easily be seen.

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