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Our cloakroom is free and secure. Make things easy for yourself and leave your coat and bag in our cloakroom instead of trying to stow everything under your seat. One less thing to worry about! During the recent renovation works, our heating and ventilation systems were completely revamped!

Bar and foyer

Before and after the performance and during the intervals, you can go to our bar for drinks and light snacks. During the intervals, you can also get these in the Grand Foyer. But no eating or drinking is allowed in the auditorium itself.

Wheelchair users

Unless otherwise indicated, all of our venues are accessible to wheelchair users.

Programme booklets (€ 10)

Our opera programmes contain background texts (in French and Dutch) and illustrations that throw light on the production. They are on sale at the stands on the stairway and in the auditorium, on every floor.
Subscribers can receive the opera programmes at home before the premiere: this extra service can be ordered when you purchase an opera subscription. There are also programme booklets for recitals and concerts.


The free introductions (in French and Dutch) to opera performances, dance performances, and concerts start half an hour before the event begins. They are intended to help visitors to understand and enjoy the performance.
The introductions to opera productions may also be listened to online.


For most productions, La Monnaie provides surtitles in Dutch and French: these present a shortened translation of the text being sung or spoken. The positioning of the surtitles varies according to the staging approaches of particular productions, but we always try to offer as many audience members as possible the opportunity to follow the surtitles in the language of their choice. Given the architecture of our opera house, however, there are some seats from which it is not always comfortable to follow the surtitles.
Surtitles in the two languages are shown on separate, alternating displays on the left and right sides of the stage.

Audio description

La Monnaie is keen to welcome everyone, including people with a visual impairment. During certain performances, they can listen to a description of what is happening on the stage via headphones. A commentator’s voice summarises the action live, places it in time and place, and provides details about clothing, hairdos and facial expressions – all these elements contribute to the telling of the tale and are part of a high-quality opera experience.
La Monnaie has committed itself to provide a number of performances with an audio description this season:

  • Pikovaya Dama
  • Der Rosenkavalier

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